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Chris is one of the most in demand Sax players in Scotland, he can freestyle to pretty much every track and known for putting his own stamp on every dance anthem he plays.

Known as Crookysax, he has recorded and performed alongside many dance music artists in Scotland including DJ Steph Gee, Trevor Reilly, Stevie Lennon, Zander Nation, Here we go Joe & a BBC television appearance with GBX George Bowie.


Chris also currently teaches saxophone, flute & clarinet in various schools.


Along with teaching & function work Chris is a in demand session musician, playing for various shows, bands and artists. 


Some of the artists include - The Wakes, The Wild Rovers, Justin Currie (Del Amitri), Vigo Thieves, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Kenny Lee Roberts, Bubbatrees, Black & White Boy, Graeme Quinn, Andrew Nicol, Federation of the Disco Pimp, The Easy Orchestra, The Delgados, Michelle McManus, Tide Lines, Celtic FC, The Nickajack Men, Daniel McArdle, Parvus AC, Kobi Onyame, Chris Andreucci, Marco Cafolla, Killer City Sound, Fiore, The Riffreshers and The Cosmopolitan Big Band to name a few. 

Please use the contact form at the side for information & bookings.


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